Recent Projects

A handful of projects I've worked on or built.

Website & Web Shop for Santa Probiotics

Santa Probiotics Alkaline Kombucha is a fermented tea,Not only does it have the same health benefits as tea — it’s also rich in beneficial probiotics. I developed their branding for the shop as well as their website.

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Website & COVID19 registration form for Bar Toeternitoe

Escape from all the stress? One place Toeternitoe! On het eilandje in Anwerp they help create the ambiance in this lively neighborhood. I developed their website as well as their covid19 registration form.

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Website for Bar d’Henri

Bar d’Henri is where Burgundian pleasure merges with healthy cuisine. It's about energy, conviviality and good food that evolves with the seasons, freshly made with local, plant-based ingredients. Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium. I developed their website.

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DJ Pitcher

DJ Pitcher is an Antwerp based DJ. He mixes from Indie to Deep to Tech to Pure House mostly in combination with some samples and vocals. I developed their website.

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Older projects

Street Racer

It is easy make sure to keep away from the police and incoming traffic. Collect coins to get a high score. Hours of fun with this great racing game!

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Juicing App

The recipes in the Juicing app will incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and help enhance your health. The simple and delicious recipes mentioned in the app are extremely healthy and beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

Primary school De Duizendpoot

For Primary school De Duizendpoot I made a website that solid online presence representing of them as a good,and creative school. Visitor numbers have increased dramatically since the website relaunched. Parents visit the site more often than before, accessing vital information and news.


MINDSET - The Neurofeedback Platform

We won with Mindset - The Neurofeedback Platform, which treats ADHD without drugs, only computer games. In 2014 we won hackforhealth! 1. #you 2. Drug Treatment No Drug Treatment 45% 55% ADHD: 1 214 400 Benelux & Germany 3. 662 456 children are on drugs. Parents spending more than 1000€ per year. 4. More than 55,05% are looking for better solutions due to side effects. 5. No drug Treatment Drug Treatment Brain training by MINDSET ADHD: 1 214 400 Benelux & Germany 40% 30% 30% 6. Attention Deficit Impulsivity Hyperactivity Social Issues 7. Attention Deficit Impulsivity Hyperactivity Social Issues 8. Attention Deficit Impulsivity Hyperactivity Social Issues 9. #great 10. Mindset provides a platform for controlling and communicating brain training at home. 11. Brain Computer Interface Headset Training Games Online Platform EEG Brainwaves EEG Data 12. #fun 13. #roi 14. 399,- / yr 15. #here 16. Meet the team Ian Pieter Lisa Sebastian Ine Ugo Luc 17. Get in touch 18. #you 19. #great 20. #fun 21. #roi 22. #here 23. @trymindset

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Juicing Video

Video for Juicing App

ClubFit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Video for ClubFit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Primary school De Duizendpoot

Video for Primary school De Duizendpoot